Coastline Water Resources


Coastline Water Resources has been proudly serving our customers throughout California with the highest quality of pipeline inspection and cleaning services since 2004. Our approach to serving our customers is very simple; we strive to provide the best quality of customer service, coupled with state of the art equipment, and a full service staff with years of experience in the fields of Pipeline Assessment, Cleaning, and Engineering/Construction.

Each of our operators are trained and certified using the National Association of Sewer Service Companies “NASSCO” guidelines. This grading system was put into place to help standardize procedures and create a grading and coding system for pipe and manhole deficiencies in sewer pipelines.

Coastline Water Resources provides a wide range of pipeline and engineering services, specializing in pipeline inspections, industrial cleaning and hydro-excavation. Our staff prides itself on both quality and knowledge in the field. Our staffs expertise and familiarity of various municipalities and jurisdictions requirements and specifications helps them to complete each job efficiently, and adapt to the every changing industry. Our reputation is extremely important to us, therefore developing working relationships between staff members and our clientele comes first, as does creating a safe and thorough work environment.

• Pipeline Assessments
• Hydro-Excavation
• Maintenance and Cleaning Services
• Pipeline Repair and Replacement
• Sewer/Storm Drain Cleaning
• Root and Deposit Removal
• Push Camera Inspection
• Manhole Inspection
• Lateral Inspection
• Main Line Inspection
• Tank Cleaning